SUB-0 SoftCell Chill FRIO Pillow



Customize your comfort with our best-selling pillow. A hybrid of premium fiber and gel-coated memory foam, our patented SoftCell® Chill pillow is thoughtfully designed to provide two completely different comfort options—all wrapped in our responsive, rapid chill cooling cover. The SoftCell® Chill also features a removable interior pillow so that you can adjust the loft based on your sleep needs.

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A Hybrid of Comfort Options

Finding your perfect pillow is all about personalized comfort, which is why our top-rated and best-selling pillow is both reversible and adjustable. Our hybrid SoftCell® Chill pillow features two distinctly different comforts. The top features individual pockets filled with our exclusive designer down alternative, Identically Down (i.d.), for consistent support and cloud-like comfort. The flip side offers the reserved response of cooling, gel-covered memory foam. To top it off, we’ve wrapped it in a cool pillow cover for a seriously comfortable sleep surface.

Comfort + Cooling

Find relief from sleep heat with the crisp, cool touch of our exclusive Tencel™ and FRíO® rapid chill cooling cover. No coatings or temporary cooling treatments here. Our cooling comes from our exclusive FRíO® rapid chill cooling fibers to deliver five-times faster cooling compared to traditional polyester bedding. How does it work? Micarex minerals at the core of each fiber form countless heat-channeling tunnels, creating pathways that allow your body heat to dissipate quicker throughout each FRíO® fiber.

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